Educational Consultants

AEA Educational Consultant

Becky Jefford is our AEA Educational Consultant here at Bellevue Community Schools.

          Becky Jefford


Speech Pathologist

Sarah Schebler is our school speech language pathologist (SLP).

Speech Sound Development Chart (PDF)
Common Phonological Processes (PDF)


School Psychologist

Jim Ott has been serving the Bellevue Schools as school psychologist since 1984.  He is involved in educational assessments and emotional and behavioral supports both in school and with families.  He also serves other districts in the area.




The main goal of the Bellevue PTA is to sponsor activities that students might not otherwise be able to participate in, including field trips, the Dubuque Arts council, family events, book fairs, etc. We accomplish this goal in two ways: membership fees and fundraising.  The number one reason that people state they aren’t in the PTA is that they have never been asked. You’re being asked now.

If you would like to join the PTA, please submit your name and address with a $10 membership fee to the Bellevue Elementary office. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact school board members through the following phone number: (563) 872-4913.

Open Enrollment

Download the form and instructions for completing the Open Enrollment Application.

Open Enrollment Application Directions (PDF)
Open Enrollment Application (PDF)