CAPS - After School Program

CAPS is an acronym for Comets After-school Program for Students

CAPS meets every regular scheduled school day Monday through Thursday beginning after Labor Day.  There are three 10-week CAPS sessions each school year. To enroll in the next CAPS session, please fill out the form below and return to Bellevue Elementary.

CAPS Registration Form Session 3




The mission of the school library program is to provide an inviting, dynamic learning environment that supports and enhances teaching, literacy, and learning, enabling all students to be effective users of information, and to appreciate and enjoy literature as well as other creative expressions of information.



Is there a book that we don’t have on our shelves and you would love to see? Just email the librarian and let her know!

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Contact: diannbell@bellevue.k12.ia.us


The main goal of the Bellevue PTA is to sponsor activities that students might not otherwise be able to participate in, including field trips, the Dubuque Arts council, family events, book fairs, etc. We accomplish this goal in two ways: membership fees and fundraising.  The number one reason that people state they aren’t in the PTA is that they have never been asked. You’re being asked now.

If you would like to join the PTA, please submit your name and address with a $10 membership fee to the Bellevue Elementary office. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact school board members through the following phone number: 563.872.4913.


Educational Consultants

Bellevue Community Schools is one of the schools supported by the Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency. They provide the services of an educational consultant, school psychologist, speech language pathologist, and other services to assist in student learning and teacher professional development.  See the attached link below to learn about these positions.