Welcome to Bellevue High School

A common philosophy of everyone at the school is to provide an atmosphere that promotes student achievement in all curricular areas, and allows students to experience success in academics, extracurricular activities, and all other areas associated with school. We wish to have all students experience success, and want to provide these opportunities for students. 

As we move further into the 21st Century we wish to have all students experience success through a diverse curriculum that offers 123 elective courses and over 30 college courses, plus a 1:1 Laptop Initiative for all Juniors and Seniors.

College Courses – College courses are available to students at BHS to prepare them for college and to gain college credit while they are still in high school. BHS offers 123 elective courses and over 30 college courses. 25 college courses are taught by BHS staff, while 6 are taught in a distance-learning environment. Students can earn over 104 semester hours of college credit while a student at BHS.

Student Activities – Over 90% of students at BHS are involved in an extracurricular activity. Opportunities for students include a wide array of activities in athletics, fine arts, student council, archery, and other similar activities that are listed in our student handbook that is connected to our website (which also includes our course description guide and other valuable information for both students and parents).

In addition, the school is committed to providing students opportunities in the following “Power Standards for the 21st Century” during their years in the Bellevue Middle School and Bellevue High School:

  • Essential Core Content Knowledge
  • English, Reading, Language Arts Science
  • Mathematics Social Studies
  • World Languages Fine Arts
  • Literacy Power Standards (acquiring information)
  • Reading, (Comprehension) Literacy Scientific Literacy
  • Technological Literacy Economic/Financial Literacy
  • Numerical Literacy Visual/Verbal Literacy
  • Application Power Standards (manipulating information)
  • Communication Skills Higher-order Thinking Skills
  • Collaboration Skills Leadership/Character Skills
  • Problem-Solving Skills Entrepreneurship/Employability Skills

Each class in the curriculum is designed to challenge students in some way, and teachers are readily available to assist students when problems and/or concerns arise. It is everyone’s mission at school to assist students in passing all courses, but ultimately students must also work hard and strive for success each and every day. A student’s commitment to doing their best is imperative for success in school and in each and every activity that they take part in throughout their lives. Students who develop good habits and a strong work ethic in school are much more likely to succeed outside of school, and therefore we challenge you to give your best effort each and every day in everything that you do.

Jeff Recker, Bellevue MS/HS Principal