Preparing for the Future

As we get ready to begin a new school year, I want to take the opportunity to thank each of you for your commitment to education that you pass along to your students on a daily basis.  Your support of education is vital for your students and their future after school.  Our world is continually changing and we must prepare our students for their future after school in everything that we do.  School is no longer a place where students can simply come and listen…they must also be an active participant in their learning and work to apply the information that they are learning on a daily basis.  Student engagement is a major goal of the school and we are working to continually create opportunities where students can apply the information that they are learning. 

Each of us, whether a parent, grandparent, community member, teacher, administrator or someone who just happens to have contact with a student, has an impact on the lives of students and their future.  We need to make sure that it is a positive impact.

Jeff Recker, Bellevue MS/HS Principal

2019-2020 Bellevue Elementary School Supply List

2019-2020 Bellevue MS/HS School Supply List